New! Biscuit + Jam Baking Bundle

Our Biscuit + Jam Baking Bundle is filled with everything you need to make delicious sweet biscuits and red berry jam. From our colorful dish towel made in Nepal, hard wood spatula made from Guatemala, and biscuit mix made in the USA.

Terrace Dish Towel


This colorful 100% cotton linen is woven by women in Nepal on treadle looms.


100% cotton

Machine washable. Delicate cycle. Tumble dry low

26"l x 21"w

Color may vary


This colorful dish towel and other products created at Serrv International work to fight poverty and improve lives through handwork. Behind every fair trade handcraft, there's a story of positive change and you are making a difference.

Hard Wood Spatula


This wooden straight spatula was created by our friends at Itza Wood in the Peten jungle in Guatemala. This spatula is a great fair trade addition to your kitchen.


Made of Katalox wood

10” l x 1.75” w


Itza Wood exists to create jobs and foster positive social impact in a place where poverty is crushing, and to fund educational programs and opportunities for the smiling faces of the next generation of Guatemala. By purchasing this product you are helping make this mission possible.

Sweet Biscuit with Red Berry Jam Mix


Women’s Bean Project’s premium sweet biscuit baking mix and red berry jam mix stand out from your everyday biscuit.  Not only do you make your own biscuits, but you also make your own jam. Our Jam made with dried fruit and spices, goes perfectly with our biscuit baking mix for a fun and delicious treat for your family.


13.6 oz., 12 servings

Easy and quick to make.

Contains: milk, wheat.


Women’s Bean Project strives to make a difference in women struggling with chronic unemployment, recidivism, welfare dependency, and a host of other challenges. By purchasing this product you are providing more than a paycheck for these women.

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