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New! Color of Hope Garland | A Fair Trade Friday Exclusive!


Our Color of Hope Garland was created just for us by Hands Producing Hope in Costa Rica. The Color of Hope Garland is sure to add some cheer to your decor! Each perfect little pompom was made using felt and then strung together by refugee women who have been resettled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana from Iraq, Syria, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Hands Producing Hope’s program exists to provide these women with supplemental income, community, and support while acclimating to their new lives in the USA. Their goal is to help every woman know she is not alone, and to help her grow in confidence of her value and worth in a safe place. This garland order provided 600 hours of work for 6 sweet refugee women!Beth is one of those women, a mother of 6 who resettled from Syria 3 years ago. Her family of 8 lives in a small apartment, yet her attitude is always positive and thankful. She exudes hospitality and generosity. She is able to do work with Hands Producing Hope to help supplement her husband’s income for their family. She is a fast learner and very creative!Working with Hands Producing Hope has provided an outlet for her to practice and improve her English, and Hands Producing Hope has been able to connect her with a math tutor for her children, bring them on trips to the library, and simply be available to help navigate challenges as they arise.


Made in Costa Rica


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