New! Bessina Beaded Bracelet | Color of Hope


These beautiful beaded bracelets were created by Bessina, a refugee born in Sudan who endured hardships with her family until they were relocated to a refugee camp in Ethiopia. They spent many years there hoping for a better life; it is here she learned to make beaded jewelry.

In 2017, she and her husband and seven children were given permanent refuge in Houston, Texas. She is adjusting to her refugee life with the help of Mercy House Global, who is providing dignified work.

In February 2019, Bessina suffered the loss of one of her children. She took some time off from jewelry creation to spend time with her family and grieve. This bracelet represents the hope that comes after an unspeakable loss and the opportunity and provision that dignified work offers Bessina and her family.

All of the Colors of Hope from our Fall Line are represented in these woven bracelets by Bessina. Each bracelet is handmade with love and care and is truly unique. No two bracelets are identical and each style is a celebration and testament to Bessina's hard work and creative talent. 


Made in Houston, Texas, USA by a local refugee

Bracelets have an adjustable chain clasp, fitting wrists 6”-7.5”

Bracelets are sold individually

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