"I'm grateful for you because..." Notepad


As we enter into a season of thankfulness and reflection we want to encourage you to encourage others. We created this custom notepad just for our Fair Trade Friday subscription club members to incorporate into their daily routines in the coming season. 

We envision you using this to encourage your husbands by leaving a note on their night stand or bathroom mirror. Share with your kids why you are grateful for them and leave the note in their lunchbox. Use a few sheets to appreciate your teachers and co-workers. We challenge you to use every single sheet until it’s gone! 

After you tear off the last sheet in your notepad, reflect upon all the things  you have been grateful for this fall. Because “gratitude turns what you have into enough,” we hope this challenge reminds you of all of your blessings and creates an attitude of gratitude in your homes, workplaces, and communities.

Share your gratitude! #FTFGratitudeChallenge


4" x 4" Notepad

Created in the USA

All proceeds go to support teen moms in Kenya


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