New! 3 Strands Nepal Gold Beaded Bracelets | A Fair Trade Friday Exclusive!


3 Strands fights to eliminate global human trafficking by creating opportunities for sustainable employment for trafficking survivors and the most vulnerable. They work tirelessly to provide support, training, hope, and a livable wage so women will have both a safe and stable future and freedom.

This golden, roll-on bracelet was made exclusively for our Fair Trade Friday club members! It was meticulously crocheted by hand using stunning glass beads and thread. Take note of the single red bead - each piece of 3 Strands jewelry contains a red bead that represents the beauty inside every survivor, and hope within those still waiting for rescue. Let the glimmer of the summer sun reflecting off the golden glass beads remind you of the glimmer of lasting hope you are bringing to women all across the globe with your Fair Trade Friday purchases. Shopping  with purpose really is changing the world!


Made in Nepal

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